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Wynk Media offers content owners, video creators, artists, influencers and labels to monetize and protect their content, musics, videos on YouTube and Facebook.

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Easy to Use Dashboard

We have developed a fully secure self-managed dashboard, where you can release your music, add artists, add labels, view reports, withdraw your revenue, smooth contract process and many more..

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Content ID & Rights Management tools

We will manage your CMS (Content Management System) & Content ID. Content ID is a digital fingerprinting system developed by Google which is used to easily identify and manage copyrighted content on YouTube.


Contend ID

We enable contend id to protect your content.

Maximum Revenue

We provide up to 90/10 split, Get maximum revenue.

Content Blocking

We block stolen/re-used content on behalf of you.

Revenue Claiming

We claim used content reveune on behalf of you.

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Channel Management & Maximizing Revenue

We help maximize your revenue potential on YouTube. Our channel strategy team will use data driven decisions to create a solid foundation for channel growth and monetization settings to ensure optimal Ad placement and content suitability.

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